Retail & Warehousing

Of the many concerns experienced by retail businesses in an increasingly digital marketplace

Some of the more pressing ones include enabling omnichannel retail while enhancing overall customer experience, managing point of sale endpoint security, and improving the efficiency of in-store operations. Regent5 has accumulated a wealth of experience in working with retail outlets of all sizes, in harnessing industry-specific technologies to improve day-to-day operations, ensure PCI compliance, and ease the transition to a bricks-and-clicks model.

We’ll first closely inspect the nature of your current retail business and the IT infrastructure in use

By learning the direction in which you would like to see your business heading, we’ll find the best technological fit for you by selecting from our comprehensive set of managed services for retail. With a custom-built, dynamic retail IT environment, Regent5 will help you realise greater levels of employee productivity, increased security for customers’ data, and cost-effective retail digitisation.

As a specialist in managed services for retail, we know retail-oriented software, applications and infrastructure like the back of our hands. Regent5 will advise you on and help you integrate everything from in-store solutions such as staff enablement to ensure ease of access to information in better serving your customers; omnichannel retail software that allows for a seamless shopping experience across physical and online stores; to PCI DSS compliance software to secure cardholder data.

From mom-and-pop stores looking to grow, and fashion boutiques that want to adopt e-commerce models, to established retail stores with a vision to improve their competitive edge, we’ve got experience in formulating customised IT solutions to deliver all manner of retail goals. Regent5 will handle your operation’s back-end and front-line so that you can focus exclusively on driving your retail business forward.