Accounting and Finance

The challenges posed to financial service companies are primarily twofold

Firstly, an unwavering focus on maintaining and extracting high-quality data is required to enable informed decision-making. Of equal importance is full compliance with all Federal regulatory requirements that affect accounting and finance. Regent5 has amassed many years of experience in assisting accounting and finance companies integrate technology-based solutions, to simplify strategic decision-making and guarantee stress-free federal regulatory compliance.

As a full-scale managed service provider, we’ll first perform a comprehensive IT audit of your financial service company

We will pay close attention to your existing IT infrastructure including your applications, servers and networks, and we’ll monitor your accounting and finance processes as well. Regent5 will embark, thereafter, on restructuring your technologies to allow for more accurate reporting and financials. Parallelly, we’ll strengthen the protection of sensitive client data and compliance with regulations.

Innovative technologies are now integral to efficiently performing accounting and finance functions such as business analytics, accounts reconciliation, financial statements, and payroll. IT-centric solutions are also at the fore of facilitating best practices in reporting and data security. Regent5 has developed a mastery over the software and applications most widely used in the accounting and finance industry. We’ll also help you remain abreast of Federal regulatory requirements such as the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act of 2002.

Whether you’re a large CPA firm, the CFO of a retail banking company, or a small auditing effort, we’ve got highly specialised IT solutions for each need. Regent5’s team of accounting and financial technology experts will craft a tailor-made solution that will allow you to capitalize on high-quality data to drive your organisation’s vision, while bolstering client confidence through information security and compliance.