A fresh set of challenges affect the education sector today

Schools, colleges, and training institutes, nationwide, are expected to facilitate long distance learning, develop interactive classroom models, improve lesson delivery, and centralize administration of departments, towards improving the quality of education. Regent5 has a high level of expertise in working with nonprofit and for-profit education, as well as the professional training segment, in realising improved learning and training outcomes while enabling more effective teaching and administration.

Whether you’re a non-profit public school with a K-12 program, a multi-department State University, or an industry-specific training institute, technology-led innovation has now become the norm industrywide

As a specialist in providing managed services for the education sector, we’re well-versed in utilising cutting edge technologies to improve the quality of education, enhance the student-teacher experience, simplify instruction in technical training programs, and streamline administrative processes such as HR and student enrolment.

Regent5’s team specializes in a number of education and training sector oriented skills. These include using learning management systems in creating e-learning environments that allow students to pick on-demand courses and follow them at their own pace; the use of specialised applications that support administrative functions including time and attendance management for substitutes, temp-staff, and full-time teachers; and the use of interactive media in delivering technical training modules onsite or through virtual instructors.

From technology alignment in the classroom to afford students ​anytime, anywhere​ access to information, to greater interaction with learning materials to promote increased retention of professional training skills, we’ll develop an IT solution based on your specific needs. Regent5’s education-oriented services are geared to help you enhance learning outcomes and the teaching experience, while ensuring a wider audience has access to high-quality education and training opportunities.