Manufacturing & Distribution

With the global transformation in manufacturing and distribution, we’ve come to see a greater reliance on IT applications, systems and infrastructure, from production through to supply chain functions

Industrywide, companies increasingly look to IIoT models to enhance manufacturing and distribution workflows. Regent5 has a high level of expertise in, not only helping manufacturing and distribution firms streamline day-to-day operations, but also in helping you realise technological alignment across the chain — from R&D to factory-floor to end customer.

Remaining abreast of the industry’s technological advancements while having to continuously innovate and improve the product offering, presents new challenges to manufacturing and distribution companies

Regent5’s team of manufacturing and distribution experts will leverage a range of industry-specific technologies to assist you with everything from maintaining your on-premise IT infrastructure; streamlining the production framework; ensuring smarter logistics; increasing supply chain effectiveness; to enhancing customer interaction and satisfaction.

Whether it’s the integration of a Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for more connected product planning and development, the use of Industrial IoT (IIoT) to increase manufacturing process productivity through comprehensive shop floor visibility, or the incorporation of a smart supply chain management solution to access real-time insights on the location of inventory items, Regent5 is specialized in managed services that suit the specific requirements of each aspect of your operation.As a full-scale managed services provider for manufacturing and distribution, we’ll help you realise a competitive edge by boosting manufacturing efficiency and supply chain effectiveness.

Whether you operate a large-scale clothing and textiles factory, a food processing plant, or a small paper-making effort, Regent5 will help deliver seamless connectivity between machines, factory equipment, devices and supply chain personnel so that you can improve your product and its movement from conception to customer.