Construction & Contracting

The construction and contracting industry has now benchmarked several technologies that are essential to asserting your firm’s competitive edge

From IoT led construction that involves remotely operated machinery, to the use of contracting-specific applications in streamlining documentation requirements from the pre to post contract stage, technological integration is key. Regent5 draws on years of experience working with construction and contracting firms to enable more effective project execution and simplified contracting procedures from start-to-finish.

Whether you’re a company that specializes in commercial construction projects, a general contractor, or a real estate developer, the incorporation of IoT based technology into your setup will afford you greater control over the delivery of projects. Regent5 taps into a vast body of knowledge and expertise in multidisciplinary IoT use to help improve construction quality and reduce project time; forecast project cash flow and cut costs; and boost workplace safety while minimizing risks.

From the use of GPS data to navigate excavation equipment and automatically carry out digging by providing instructions remotely

Improved equipment servicing and repair capabilities through sensors in the machinery transmitting status information routinely, to RFID tags on building supplies that automatically generate a reorder request when their numbers reach a pre-assigned lower limit, the range of IoT applications in construction is vast.

Regent5 will advise you on and implement technologies that allow for seamless connectivity between your personnel, machines, systems and construction site.

Similarly, coordination between contractors, project managers, architects, suppliers and clients is necessary to ensure a project is on track. We specialise in the use of industry-specific applications and IT tools designed for estimating, scheduling, document management and project management, which aid in meeting cost, scope and time constraints to deliver high-quality projects. Regent5 will work closely with your construction and contracting firm in finding the best technological fit to ensure smooth project handling and successful project completion.