Network Design

Network design is primarily concerned with the smooth and effective transportation of data across an organisation

Right through to its collaborators. A network environment can be likened to a community of people. In order to promote healthy communication, and ensure conflicts borne of miscommunication do not arise, clear channels need to exist for the dissemination and receiving of messages. This holds true in the case of network design as well.

Collaborative data is key in driving a business forward today, and fully-integrated network design affords a high level of ease in the exchange of everything from text, numbers, voice and video, to computer code.

Poor network design is often held liable for issues ranging from network downtime

LAN bottlenecks, WAN congestion, problems with VPNs, to issues such as unreliable voice quality and pixelated video. They affect day-to-day internal business operations and coordination with partners and clients as well. Regardless of whether it is caused by mismatches in speed, use of old equipment, poor choice in cables, or poor overall network design, when data communication suffers, it can be challenging to focus on your business goals.

Whether you require an inter-network that allows for close cooperation between two separatebusiness organizations, an enterprise network that facilitates the information andcommunications technology demands of an individual company across several buildings, or anetwork that supports the specific needs of a particular department, Regent5 is geared to helpyou plan and implement a network design that aids your data communication requirements.

From the analysis stage where the requirements of your business are gathered

The planning stage where a network is designed, to the implementation stage where a system to support the design is constructed, we possess much expertise in the full network design process. Regent5 is not only skilled at designing networks that can fully support your current needs while making provisions to accommodate new applications and future business growth, but we’re also highly experienced in the maintenance aspect of ongoing network design as well.

Regent5’s innovative network design solutions will enhance your company’s data exchange methods and improve business processes and functions.