Mobility Services

Managing mobility is a key area of consideration for businesses of all types today

An organisation may consist of employees who primarily work on-field, off-site, or out-of-office. It is crucially important to afford them access to the same operational capabilities, business functions, databases and technologies that an employee seated at your office has within their reach. To enable such functionality for remote workers, through the integration of mobile devices, applications and PC software programs with the organisation and partner systems, is one of the core aims of mobility services.

As mobility environments increase in complexity, primarily as a result of fast-changing technologies and other concerns like managing multiple device platforms and maintaining mobility inventory, companies find it challenging to offer full access to out-of-office employee sand facilitate a seamless collaborative work environment. A full-scale mobility services effort ensures that your employees are paired with the appropriate devices and applications, in line with their areas of specialisation, while offering a set of mobility management tools and services to effectively administer them.

Regent5 is well-versed in the area of managed mobility services

And we offer everything from devising of effective mobility strategies; procuring best-fit devices; configuring devices based on specific business requirements; deployment to the relevant personnel; streamlined activation with carriers; round-the-clock support for remote employees; to overall management of associated services. With Regent5’s comprehensive set of mobility services, we empower mobile office workers by facilitating unparalleled access to the enterprise environment, while providing companies the flexibility to assign their IT resources to mission-critical tasks.

Whether you’re business is keen to adopt a fully corporate-owned devices program across the organisation, a bring your own device (BYOD) model into your current mobility setup, or a hybrid mobility effort for specialised operational needs, Regent5 has acquired over a decade of experience in formulating highly customised mobility service packages for a long list of clients across a range of industries.

Through Regent5’s suite of managed mobility services such as planning, deployment, support and management, we’ll help your company streamline its mobility implementation effort and seamlessly integrate your mobile workforce into your enterprise network.