About Us

From the outset, our approach to managed IT services has been quite different. That’s because we weren’t always a managed service provider! Our original areas of expertise involved home and building automation, wireless networking, surveillance and security, lighting and shades, as well as entertainment systems. These initial focuses led us to always think in terms of fully integrated systems that allow for greater intuition and convenience.

Our work, essentially, enabled a higher quality of life

We upheld this holistic perspective when many of the clients we worked with approached us to handle a range of managed services on their behalf. The expansion in scope, for us, has always been one that’s natural and logical. It allows us to offer you a more comprehensive package of services.

What we’ve become for many of our former clients, and for our new clients who know us primarily as a managed service provider, is a specialist in the numerous technology services that small and medium-sized businesses require today. As a one-stop source for all your managed IT requirements, we eliminate the many challenges of having to coordinate with a long list of technology vendors and suppliers.

We’ve got a team of IT experts specializing in the distinct technological needs of industries ranging from healthcare, education, legal, retail, accounting and finance, manufacturing and distribution, to construction and contracting. We’ll work with you closely to leverage technologies that will allow you to incorporate intuitive and streamlined processes toward realising high-level business objectives.

Our Value

Our values are characterized by a four-pronged approach that we adhere to closely. We place great emphasis on quality work, smart solutions, clear communication, and a customer needs first attitude.

The high quality of Regent5’s work is built on the caliber of our team, our industry know-how, the stringent processes we have in place to ensure optimal standards are met, and our reliance on only enterprise grade software and equipment in designing IT environments for our clients.

Our smart solutions are renowned for their high degree of functionality, intuitiveness and adaptability. We don’t just assemble hardware, build networks, and install software applications for your business. We integrate technologies that dynamically support and improve business functions; not just technology that runs in the background. Regent5 combines technological advances with the human touch in offering smart business solutions.

Regent5 is also big on clear communication! We realise its importance in gathering the specific needs of our clients and ensuring successful delivery. We maintain clear communication channels throughout by engaging several teams including our front-end IT experts, managed service account managers and technicians to correctly address what you require from start-to-finish.

Our focus on communication is also linked to our core value of putting customer needs first. We don’t promote one-size-fits-all technological packages while disregarding the uniqueness of your requirement and the sensitivities of your industry. Regent5 goes to great lengths to ensure that we conceptualise, develop and fit only customised solutions that align with your requirement, budget, and long-term business goals.

Our Process

As with the managed services that we offer, our method of working is also streamlined to ensure process clarity, creative problem-solving, effective project delivery, and quick issue recovery.

We perform an extensive analysis of your current IT infrastructure, first up, completely free of charge. This initial evaluation allows us to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your IT environment in the context of your specific managed services requirement.

With experience, we’ve learned how essential it is to properly identify the expectations you have of your IT setup. Our account managers and IT experts will communicate with you closely to identify exactly what is required at present, and ask the correct questions to determine your long-term IT needs and priorities.

Only then, once the ideal technological fit is found for your business, do we enter a contract. Thereafter, any concerns and issues that you have along the way can be submitted as tickets using our highly user-friendly agent software.It is a simple process that allows you to open a ticket for a specific issue either through chat, email, or phone. Our round-the-clock technicians and support team will respond to your query within 15 minutes if the issue experienced is urgent, or within 2 hours if it is less urgent. We’ll suggest and execute a solution that involves remote implementation, or requires an on-site visit to be scheduled, depending on the nature of the issue and its severity.

We keep our process simple so our IT solutions can take centerstage!