Managed Cyber Security

Cyber security essentially comprises the defense of each component of an organisation’s IT setup

The connecting networks, and the data transferred through them. The average cost incurred by a company after a malware attack is estimated at $2.4 million and the average cost in time to recover, around 50 days. This can cripple the biggest of companies, let alone small and medium-sized enterprises!

From ransomware attacks, data breaches, cyber espionage in cloud environments, and even identity theft, cyberattacks target the integrity and privacy of your data and the infrastructure that supports its storage or threat-free passage across the organization. Your customer data and corporate information are your greatest assets, and so there is a lot at stake if they were to be compromised!

Companies face numerous challenges in enforcing cyber security today

From the costs involved to the cyber security skills and expertise required to implement and maintain a security system. The advanced methods of attack now used, the ever-changing areas of organizations that may be targeted, and growing data security requirements of compliance regulations like PCI DSS and HIPAA, also pose complications. As a specialist in managed cyber security, Regent5 has remained abreast of the evolving nature of cyberattacks and is able to prevent and lessen the impact of all types of cyber risk.

Right from more traditional security functions like malware detection and content filtering

To more advanced areas such as implementing cloud security best practices and performing dark web scans, Regent5 draws on a decade of experience in ensuring cyber security for our clients. Our proactive method is based on the execution of routine network and security assessments, as well as regular software patching. The routine security reports we derive from the individual logs maintained across your full IT infrastructure, informs our overall cyber security strategy and ensures each line of attack is countered.

From the safety of your data, computers and networks, to your IoT devices, Regent5’s managed cyber security services including our round-the-clock response teams, will ensure that business continuity is maintained and we’ll continuously reinforce your system to proactively deter cyber threats.