Legal and Law Firms

The demands of the present-day legal landscape are numerous

Law firms require increased access to documents and cases to ensure the smooth operation of their legal practice, while at the same time having to be mindful of the inherent security threats the greater availability of data presents. Regent5 with their vast experience in serving law firms, is able to assist you in incorporating technologies to improve legal process workflows, with a constant eye on ensuring the security of your clients’ and firm’s data.

Whether you’re a single-attorney law practice, a boutique law firm or a full-service law office with hundreds of staff, quick and reliable access to information in the office or courtroom is crucial to your clients’ best interests

The loss of or inaccessibility of data, be it due to a breach in security or even a natural disaster, can heavily affect the consistency of your practice. We’re a managed service provider specialised in advising you on a range of technology and implementing them for you, to ensure you can operate a high-quality legal practice while affording you seamless business continuity.

Regent5 is well-versed in supporting the software and critical applications that are widely used in the legal practice. From legal case management, consultancy time tracking and billing, to secure email archiving, we’ll find the best technological fit for you to smoothen your processes and improve your client offering. Our efforts will allow you to devote critical time and energy to the legal discipline and not what is ancillary.

Regent5 draws upon the vast body of industry-specific expertise of our team, to help you harness technology to maintain the integrity of your data, to improve your legal functions, and to better protect your clients’ confidential information. We’ll simplify the legal back-end, so you can focus on your clients and advance your business objectives.