Data Backup/Disaster Recovery

When it comes to data loss, It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when

In today’s business context, the operation of an agile, optimized and healthy IT infrastructure is of the essence for seamless collaboration between your employees, partners, and customers. The hardware, software, networks, and services that go into maintaining a superior IT environment that delivers business results, all depend heavily on the infrastructure that supports them. 
While many businesses devote much attention to this factor, they fail to recognize the equal importance of ensuring that a system is in place for data backups and disaster recovery. Data loss can come in the form of natural calamities, human error, systems crashes, or security threats including ransomware, viruses, and malware. They come unannounced and compromises to high-value data and critical systems can cause irreversible damage to an organization in terms of cost, reputation, and brand loyalty.

Let Regent5 help

Regent5’s philosophy in creating optimized IT infrastructures is to incorporate managed data backup and disaster recovery systems right from the start. We believe that it is an often overlooked component of maintaining a high-performing IT environment, that is absolutely vital towards ensuring data safety, accessibility, and round-the-clock availability. 
The term backup in a technological sense is common knowledge now; however, in its real-world application in protecting data and critical systems, a business may experience a number of technical issues that require specific expertise.
Regent5’s managed data backup and disaster recovery solutions are especially designed to enable business continuity, by securely backing your data both on-site and in a secure cloud location. Our solutions include the full management of the associated services this requires, including hardware, software, and support. Regent5’s managed data backup and disaster recovery services allow you to enjoy peace of mind by protecting your business-critical data, while helping you realise cost benefits through your business’s reduced reliance on hardware, software, and licensing agreements.